Vaginal Revitalization | Ventura

Vaginal changes happen to the majority of women as they age, due to childbirth, menopause, or other hormonal changes. As a result, millions of women suffer in silence with painful sex, vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence. Sadly, far too many women are embarrassed to discuss these problems or look for solutions, and they just try and “live with it”.

At NedaMedica Laser in Ventura, CA we offer a non-surgical, minimally-invasive solution to pain during intercourse, vaginal itching and dryness, and sudden bladder leaks.  State-of-the-art MonaLisa Touch laser therapy is a virtually painless treatment that only takes about 5 minutes in our Ventura County Medical Spa.

MonaLisa Touch delivers both immediate and lasting relief from vaginal dryness, painful sex and incontinence for women after childbirth or following menopause, as well women whose hormone production has decreased due to hysterectomy, cancer or other causes. Additionally, MonaLisa Touch can tighten lax vaginal skin, as well as improve sexual sensation and lubrication, for improved satisfaction for you and your partner.

Laser technology has been used for decades to rejuvenate the skin on the face. Now this same principal is available to revitalize the skin in the vaginal and vulvar area.  And, because MonaLisa Touch 100% naturally harnesses the body’s own healing and cellular regeneration processes, there are virtually no side effects and no downtime.

Call NedaMedica Laser in Ventura, CA and join the thousands of women who have successfully improved their quality of life with MonaLisa Touch laser vaginal revitalization!