PDO Thread Lifts | Oxnard

At NedaMedica Laser in Oxnard, CA we offer state-of-the-art PDO Thread Lifts that tighten the skin like a mini face lift – without surgery or downtime!

A PDO Thread Lift is the perfect non-surgical solution for face, jowls, or jawlines that need a lift, to turn back signs of aging. PDO Thread Lifts can also be used to lift sagging knees, abdomen, or buttocks, too!

PDO Threads are inserted using ultra-fine acupuncture sized needles containing an FDA approved absorbable suture. Once placed beneath the skin, the sutures are drawn tight to lift the skin, reversing the effects of aging and gravity. While under the skin the threads also stimulate the body to create new collagen, to help smooth, thicken, plump and lift skin naturally. PDO (polydioxanone) is a material that has been safely used for almost two decades in the surgical field. As the body builds collagen around the threads the PDO dissolves over time and is absorbed and eliminated by the body.

The PDO Thread Lift procedure has no downtime, other than some slight redness and swelling at the injection site. PDO Thread Lifts lasts up to a year or longer. It is a safe anti-aging treatment for all skin types and tones – and ideal for patients who don’t want the pain, expense, and downtime of facelift surgery.

Neda Medica is one of the only Med Spas in Ventura County to offer this amazing skin lifting and tightening treatment. Schedule a PDO Thread Lift appointment at NedaMedica in Oxnard, CA – and love the skin you’re in!